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Glassfiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) materials are classified as polymer matrix composites.

Grandpipe utilizes standardized manufacturing methods for GRP fittings

Raw materials, production techniques and properties of biaxial pipes

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Water management has a long history, going back to the attempts in prehistoric times in response to seasonal changes in water availability.

Water management was crucial during the transition from hunting-gathering to farming, and became yet more important with the emergence of cities, industrial towns, and administrative centres.Water management has never solely been a matter of technical intervention. It is embedded within a great diversity of cultural, social and political arrangements.


water and civilization


Grandpipe Industries Inc. kindly promotes new two product series to markets based on customer expectations and demands:

GRP Pipe Systems for Trenchless Applications: GRANDJACK Product Series

GRP Pipe Systems for Higher Performance Applications (Higher working temperature, higher axial strength, special industrial applications etc):

GRANDAXIAL Product Series

Water emdodies culture and civilization. Water is the most important vital item which togethers cultures and civilizations and joins as one part. Water is the symbol of abundance and purity.

Objective of Alkaşboru is to be inside of the projects which act a role to join cultures and civilization, to transmit its selfculture to regions where it reaches and to integrate the other cultures as flag carrier company.

By our products, Our aim is to contribute to be composed of the societies who know the value of water and use the water sources effectively.Therefore, The slogan of GRANDPIPE is defined “We join the cultures by water”.