Performance Standards

Standards developed by CEN, ISO, ASTM, AWWA, ASME which are the leading Standard organisation in the world are referred to a variety of GRP pipe applications including conveyance of sanitary sewage, water and industrial waste. A thread common  to all of the product standards is that they are all performance based documents. This means that required performance and testing of the pipes is specified based on pipe applications.

-TSE (CEN and TS EN) and ISO Standards

Note: DIN 16868 and BS 5480 standards were updated by new EN standards mentioned above. These standards and equivalent TS EN standards meet all requirements all previous standards too.

-ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)

Currently, there are several ASTM product standards in use which apply to a variety of GRP pipe applications. These standards include many tough qualification and quality control tests.Grandpipe GRP pipes are designed to meet all of these standards

-ASTM Standards

AWWA (American Water Works Association) and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

AWWA C950 is one of the most comprehensive product standards in existence for GRP pipes. This standard for pressure water applications has extensive requirements for pipe and joints, concentrating on quality control and prototype qualification testing. Like ASTM standards, this is a product performance Standard. Grandpipe GRP pipes are designed to meet performance requirements of this Standard. AWWA has also one design manual AWWA M45 which includes several chapters for design of GRP pipes, both for underground and aboveground applications.

-AWWA and ASME Standards