GRP Pipes

Why GRP Pipe ?

When we consider today, easily it can be noticed that world's infrastructure is aged continuously and thousands of kilometers of pipelines need to be rehabilitated. This situation is one of the most priority problems that should be considered, in all over the world.

Investor organizations which serve to humanity at the world are obliged to have right and difficult decisions how to construct new infrastructures, which type of materials they will use not to re-face the same problems met in the past.

Main reason of this problem is corrosion. Internally unprotected concrete sewer pipes are rapidly deteriorated by the presence of sulfuric acid in a sanitary sewer system. Externally, soil conditions and stray electrical currents can deteriorate underground pipes. Metallic pipes can corrode when placed in poorly aerated, poorly drained soils of low resistivity.

These problems can be significantly reduced, even if not eliminated irrevocably, Precautions by corrosion-resistant material systems and corrosion protection systems will be caused to higher pipelines costs.

Corrosion is non-reversible process.
There is one simple way to fully elimination of this problem: GRP PIPE