Company Policy

As a company, it is our main aim and our aim is to make the demands and expectations of our customers and to make them clean.

Our company is committed to pass on the following principles to life;
• To produce the CTP puller at high cost with optimum cost.

• To produce in accordance with the customer's request and technical requirements and to ensure timely delivery.

• To prevent pollution of natural resources within the concept of continuous development.

• To comply with all legal, administrative and legal requirements relating to our field of activity in force.

• Be careful not to engage in activities that may have significant negative effects on the environment.

• Pay attention to the use of environmentally friendly inputs in our activities by setting quality as the main objective in the framework of engineering principles.

• To demonstrate the most effective use of natural resources during manufacturing activities and, accordingly, to conserve resources and recycle them.

• Ensure the education and training necessary to ensure that all our employees achieve quality and environmental awareness.

• In all of our works, first of all, we work with the principle of work safety.