GRP Pipe Applications

GRP Pipe Applications

Growing awareness of the operational cost savings and superior corrosion resistance is resulted to world wide utilisation area for GRP pipe that emphasized strongestly to related subject.GRP pipes are used wide spread application areas as follows:

> Water transmission and distribution lines (potable water and raw water)
> Sanitary Collection Systems
> Storm Sewer Systems
> Hydroelectric Penstock Lines
> Sea water intake
> Cooling water lines
> Circulating water,make-up and blow downlines for power plants
> Irrigation and drainage systems
> Fire fighting Lines
> IndustrialApplications
> Water reservoir lines and tanks
> Pumping Systems
> Chemical and Petrochemical Industries
> Rehabilitation Projects
> Trenchless System Applications ( Pipe Jacking)

Grandpipe GRP pipes delivers long, effective service life with low operating and maintenance costs.

Product Properties and Advantages

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